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Why hiring a Virtual assistant will be the best business decision you ever make

Ever wondered about hiring a VA but haven't committed? Are you a little unsure about how it will work or what they can do?

Let me tell you.... VA's can do anything! (Legal of-course) All you have to do is ask!

So, why is hiring a VA the best business decision you will ever make you ask?


I'm sure you've heard it before and get ready, you're going to hear it again "time is money" your time is money! Why spend your precious time on mundane tasks that literally drain your brain, knowing you could be spending time on much more important things to grow your business! Boring business admin waits for no-one, it has to be done!

Why not outsource it? VA's love admin, we live and breathe admin! (yes we're a weird bunch) Send it our way!


Speaking of money, did you know hiring a VA can actually save you money?

Yes! for real! Let's break this down. So, you're looking for some extra help for your business. If you were to hire a "regular employee" you would have to spend money advertising the position, waste hours going through resumes, calling and interviewing potential candidates (remember time is money). You would most likely have to give this person a set amount of hours per week that they will have to come into work, regardless of how busy or quiet you are. You will have to pay employee related taxes, super, annual leave, sick leave and lot's of other expenses that come with hiring a new employee. *Sigh*

But... if you were to hire a VA, say goodbye to going through a lengthy hiring process, paying employee related expenses (because VA's are contracted to work for your business) and finally, you choose when you need work done depending on how busy or quiet you are! You can hire a VA by the hour, rather than paying a regular employee to work for you part time or full time! By hiring a VA you are eliminating expensive employee costs and in return, you are drastically reducing overheads for your business = more profit in your wallet!

Work/life balance

You might read that and think "excuse me? um...what is work/life balance?"

If that is you, listen up! Owing a business is a great thing, there is a great sense of freedom involved but, sometimes, freedom of owning a business comes with long hours and long days. You don't have to feel miserable and overwhelmed! A VA can sweat the small stuff for you, so you can... finish early? have a sleep in? spend more time with loved ones? YES! all of that and more. You may think that having a VA is a luxury, but actually, it's almost a necessity. Your health comes first, you can't help anyone or allow your business to grow and succeed if you are burning the candle at both ends. It's all about working smarter, not harder!

If you would like to know more or if you are based in Australia and interested in hiring a VA please feel free to email alaina@fullbloomassistantco.com